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Ideas and innovation

Beyond the High Street: Why our City Centres Really Matter

What role do cities play in innovation, and to what extent do we need city-based innovation policies and approaches?

Supporting Links between Universities and High-growth firms in cities

Driving growth: supporting businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire

WWCLEG Evidence Review 9: Innovation (encouraging innovation through R&D grants, loans and subsidies, tax credits, networking and collaboration

People and skills

Learning Curve: Schooling and Skills for Future Jobs

Unequal opportunity: how jobs are changing in cities

The Great British Brain Drain: Where graduates Move to and Why

Access all areas: Linking people to jobs

Making apprenticeships work in cities

Cities Outlook 2018: The Future of Work in UK cities

WWCLEG Evidence Review 1: Employment training (including job search advice, classroom training, on-the-job training and internships)

WWCLEG Evidence Review 8: Apprenticeships (including mentoring, financial incentives and pre-apprenticeships)


Fast Track to Growth: Transport Priorities for Stronger Cities

Building the Northern Powerhouse: Lessons from the Rhine-Ruhr and Randstad

Making transport work for cities

Access all areas: Linking people to jobs

City Relationships: Economic linkages in Northern City Regions

WWCLEG Evidence Review 7: Transport (including transport infrastructure, service enhancement, changing how existing infrastructure is supplied and consumed)

Business environment

Small Business Outlook 2013: the geography of SME performance

Small Business Outlook 2014: SMEs and the economic recovehttps://www.centreforcities.org/publication/small-business-outlook-2013ry

Small Business Outlook 2015: cities, small businesses and new work

Support for growing businesses: a policy briefing

Firm intentions: Cities, Private Sector Jobs & the Coalition

Cities Outlook 2017: How British cities trade with the world

Trading Places: Why Firms Locate Where they Do

A Century of Cities: Urban Economic Change since 1911

Open for Business: The Shape of Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship across UK Cities

WWCLEG Evidence Review 2: Business advice (including mentors, consultancy, tailored support, training, incubators, and export promotion and credit)

WWCLEG Evidence Review 4: Access to Finance (including regulation, information, tax breaks for lenders, loan guarantees and loans)

WWCLEG Evidence Review 6: Broadband (including voucher schemes and loans to subsidise connections, direct provision of infrastructure and services, and regulation)