Partnerships are a vital part of our work to improve the performance of city economies.

We actively look to partner with like-minded businesses, universities and funders to help us realise this goal. We also work with individual cities to help them develop and deliver their economic plans.

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Why partner with Centre for Cities?

Partnerships are vital for our work and we work with partners in a number of ways:

  • Undertaking original research and analysis
  • Offering presentations, workshops and insight
  • Facilitating events, including public debates and policy roundtables

Our programme for 2019

Our research programme reflects our research ambitions for 2019, but we are always interested to discuss new ideas for working together with like-minded organisations.

Cities are where the national economy happens. Every year, our work provides unrivaled insight into how city economies in the UK work and what needs to be done to help cities up and down the country achieve their economic potential – and 2019 will be no exception.

This year we will look at the different roles that cities play in national economic and civic life.

Places of production

Much of our research to date has been to understand how city economies work. This year, as the UK leaves the European Union, we intend to deepen our research into cities as places of production, to address the following questions:

  • Which types of businesses create jobs in cities?
  • How can cities encourage innovation?
  • How can cities best attract international trade?
  • What’s the changing role of self-employment?

Places to play and consume

As well as places of production, cities are where people go to spend their leisure time and money. This year, we intend to broaden our research to shed light on cities as places to play and consume and how this aspect of a city’s life and identity reflects and relates to the characteristics of its economy.

In addition, our work on the vibrancy and viability of city centres – and high streets – will continue.

High streets and city economies

Our recent research has explored how high streets relate to the city economy as a whole, and how policy should respond.

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Places to live

Cities across the UK are facing housing challenges and, as our previous research has shown, this requires a different response from one city to another. This year, we intend to continue our work on cities as places to live by looking in detail at:

  • Where housing is being built within cities – and if some parts of some cities could provide more homes
  • The relationship between the planning system and personal wealth accumulated from property
  • How much land is used for purposes like parking

Places of opportunity

Cities in the UK are home to the vast majority of the country’s most productive, higher skilled jobs – the kind of employment that encourages people to move to cities. This year, we intend to look further into cities as places of opportunity for people with lower skills and no formal skills.

Governing the city

We have long-argued for central government to place more responsibility in the hands of city leaders. In 2019, we intend to continue our focus on governing the city. This year, we are intensifying our research into the powers and resources places need to thrive – and to deal with some of the challenges that come with success.

Key themes in this area of work include:

  • Understanding and amplifying the concerns of city leaders
  • The performance of metro mayors as those elected for the first time in 2016 complete the final full year of their terms
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange between cities and their leaders, in the UK and internationally
  • Looking in detail at transport and infrastructure, technology and air quality

Making the most of city leaders and metro mayors

Our work explores how and why leadership and devolution of powers can make a bigger difference to city economic growth.

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Recognition and funding transparency

Transparency and independence are integral to the Centre’s work. We always acknowledge partners in all associated materials for both research and events, as well as in our annual reports.

Centre for Cities endeavours to be as clear and transparent as possible when disclosing its funders by placing their brand on all associated material. We also produce annual sponsorship summaries which can be downloaded below:

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Here are some of our recent partners. We are grateful for their support for events, research and longer-term partnerships in 2018.

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