Open for Business: The shape of business, enterprise and entrepreneurship across UK cities

Which cities rely most on local start-ups and the growth of their existing business base, and which are most reliant on foreign firms and business branches?

Report published on 20 June 2012 by Paul Swinney

The return of the UK economy into recession underlines the political and economic imperative for growth.  The UK economy is 4.4 percent smaller than it was at its pre-recessionary peak and, in terms of total output, the economic clock has been turned back to 2006.  Because of this, now more than ever commentators are asking where future growth in the UK economy is going to come from.

Private sector growth in cities can come from two main sources – either through growth of the existing business base or through the attraction of businesses from elsewhere.  Open for Business attempts to categorise cities according to their levels of local competition and their openness to external investment.

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