6: Rotterdam, Netherlands – REVIT (Dutch acronym for re-energize)

Rotterdam’s port provides jobs for approximately 90,000 people and due to growth and an ageing workforce demand for new personnel is rising. Employers foresaw a significant problem in recruiting young people equipped with the necessary skills to do the job in coming years. In response, the port in partnership with DAAD (the regional employers service desk) and the Shipping and Transport College, developed a training scheme in 2008.69

The training offers young people without any qualifications the opportunity to secure paid employment by completing an apprenticeship. Over 40 weeks, candidates work four days a week, and spend one day a week attending the Shipping and Transport College. Candidates receive an apprentice fee from the employer for the first 16 weeks (which is higher than social welfare payments), after which they are offered a contract for at least 12 months.

The companies involved pay for the necessary equipment and provide guidance on the work floor. The project is funded by the stakeholders involved, with 60 per cent provided by the City of Rotterdam, 20 per cent by employers and 20 per cent by the Shipping and Transport College.

On average, 75 per cent of participants successfully complete the course and of these successful candidates, 80 per cent proceed to train as all round operators. The project resulted in around 500 young people being employed in the Rotterdam port in 2010 and 2011.


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