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What do businesses really think of devolution to city-regions?

Report published on 16 November 2015 by Edward Clarke and Simon Jeffrey

Devolution to city-regions will have a significant impact on businesses, as more of the big decisions that affect their performance are taken locally and different places move at different speeds towards more devolved arrangements.

Most of the debates and negotiations regarding specific devolution settlements have been undertaken by senior national and local politicians. The involvement of businesses in local communities has so far been limited, resulting in a lack of knowledge about the extent of private sector support for devolution.

This report seeks to redress this. It provides a summary of the results from national and local polling conducted by YouGov, as well as findings from in depth conversations with businesses held across four UK cities. These provide a better understanding of the private sector’s views on the devolution agenda to date.

Check out a cross-section of views from businesses in this video:

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