How metro-mayors can learn from Ken, Boris and Sadiq

Alexandra Jones writes in Times Red Box about our seven lessons for the new metro mayors in 2017.

Press release published on 19 December 2016 by Alexandra Jones

Less than six months from now, “metro-mayors” will take office in some of England’s biggest cities, armed with the largest personal mandates in politics after Sadiq Khan’s. And with these mayors being given powers over housing, transport and infrastructure in their city region, it’s no surprise that candidates from Westminster and the business community have been drawn to the roles, including Andy Burnham, former shadow health secretary, and Andy Street, former John Lewis managing director.

However, it’s also clear that these metro-mayors will face challenges when they take office in May. These include negotiating economic uncertainty as Brexit negotiations begin in earnest, and winning over the local politicians and residents who are sceptical about the role. These new mayors will not only need to deliver on their electoral promises, but also have to establish their offices as efficient, effective and credible in Britain’s centralised system of governance.

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