The Future of Work

Post-18 education

In the changing world of work, post-18 education has never been more important.

Robot ready cities

The world of work is changing, how can we make sure people and places are robot ready?

Why numbers count

Elena Magrini

On National Numeracy Day we should remember the impact of good numeracy skills on people’s life chances and the wider economy

Blog Post 15 May 2019

Places of opportunity

Cities create many opportunities for high-skilled people, but what do they offer to people with few or no qualifications?

Opportunity Mapped

The opportunities for low skilled people to gain employment and employment in higher skilled, better jobs, can vary by city - this data dashboard offers a breakdown.

Data 7 Mar 2019

Cities Outlook 2018

How will the rise of the robots affect jobs in UK cities?

Read it in full here

The changing labour market

The labour market is always changing. What are the implications for cities?

Opportunity knocks? Economic outcomes for low-skilled people in cities

Cities can offer low-skilled people good economic outcomes that support inclusive growth aims, but inclusive growth cannot come without economic growth.

Read the full report here

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