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Brighton & Hove: Sustaining City Growth

Centre for Cities

Brighton & Hove has performed well over the past decade, adding nearly 23,000 jobs to its economy between 1998 and 2005 - twice the UK average for employment growth. But the city will need to be proactive if it is to return to strong economic growth after the recession.

Report 10 Oct 2009
Sticking plaster or stepping-stone? Tackling urban youth unemployment

Faiza Shaheen

Youth unemployment has been a problem in the UK for a long time, but is getting a lot worse in the current recession. Over half a million young people were unemployed in February 2008. Now, around 900,000 young people are jobless. During 2010, youth unemployment is likely to exceed 1 million.

Report 24 Jun 2009
Inclusive growth in Bristol

Centre for Cities

How can the creation of mixed communities regenerate deprived areas of Bristol, and what role doesthe community itself need to play? How can Bristol's worklessness and skills policy ensure that, when the upturn comes, Bristol's most deprived communities are included?

Report 17 Mar 2009