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Budget 2014 Briefing

Louise McGough

This year's Budget was a missed opportunity for cities to help achieve national priorities

Briefing 21 Mar 2014
How does the Budget affect cities?

Alexandra Jones

Cities will struggle to make the most of their economic potential if Westminster makes all the decisions.

Blog Post 20 Mar 2014
Why are cities important?

Paul Swinney

Our urban economies should be driving the national economy forward, but they're not. It's time to think cities.

Blog Post 26 Feb 2014
Well-being in cities

Andrew Carter

Policymakers are better off focusing on traditional issues of economic growth, jobs and education.

Blog Post 17 Feb 2014
Budget Submission 2014

Alexandra Jones

Our letter to the Chancellor recommends four policies to empower cities that can be enacted before the next election

Briefing 14 Feb 2014