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City Devolution Cheat Sheet

Zach Wilcox

Evidence-based research to support your submission on Fiscal Devolution for Cities and City Regions

Blog Post 20 Dec 2013
Spending Review: Act One

Alexandra Jones

Today's Spending Review is the first half of a two act play - today was about Departmental cuts; tomorrow is about growth. So what's the verdict for cities so far?

Blog Post 26 Jun 2013
Devolution or disappointment

Centre for Cities

In the 2013 Spending Review the scale of the cuts are expected to be announced, but we also find out the details of the Single Local Growth Fund that was announced in the Budget.

Briefing 25 Jun 2013
Cuts without reform will leave cities struggling

Alexandra Jones

A week yesterday, the implications of the Spending Review for public policy and public services around the country will be starting to sink in. Yet even before we know the exact numbers, we can make some confident predictions about what the Spending Review will mean for cities.

Blog Post 20 Jun 2013