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Cities policy briefing

Centre for Cities

Since 2010 the Coalition have implemented a number of decentralisation policies, but what has that really meant for cities? How have policies such as the City and Growth Deals played out in reality, and where does the power really lie?

Briefing 26 Sep 2014
Trouble’s also brewing below the border

Zach Wilcox

There’s no denying the Scottish Referendum has well and truly given Government and Whitehall a wake-up call. With a 10 per cent margin of 55 to 45 percent, the loss of the 307 year old union was...

Blog Post 19 Sep 2014
Devolution and decentralisation in the UK

Centre for Cities

This paper offers a guide to what powers and controls the devolved nations hold, and what has been promised as Scotland goes to the polls.

Briefing 12 Sep 2014
Money, money, money

Alexandra Jones

Alexandra Jones blogs on the City Growth Commission's report on fiscal devolution.

Blog Post 5 Sep 2014
Fight to regenerate the North steps up

Alexandra Jones

George Osborne's response to the One North report is welcome. Now it is Labour's turn to better the devolution offer for cities.

Blog Post 5 Aug 2014