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Re-localising the business rate

Centre for Cities

It’s good to see national government putting tangible powers on the table with the potential to deliver on the rhetoric around localism.

Briefing 29 Oct 2010
Next steps a regeneration agenda for the next government

Centre for Cities

The next government will be forced to make tough choices about where and how to spend scarce public sector resources. With a general election imminent, now is the time to set out what the top priorities should be.

Report 24 Feb 2010
Financial Devolution for Local Growth

Centre for Cities

Financial Devolution for Local Growth is an independent survey of public and private sector leaders’ views on new funding tools for urban investment.

Report 6 Feb 2008
city solutions: financing local growth

Ben Harrison

Supplementary Business Rates (SBRs) have recently been proposed as a mechanism to allow cities to generate additional funds for infrastructure investment. This paper presents new analysis that illustrates their possible contribution and the main challenges that must be tackled by city leaders, business and central government if SBRs are to finance local growth. It is part of the joint City Solutions project undertaken by Centre for Cities and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Report 27 Aug 2007
City Leadership: Giving city-regions the power to grow

Centre for Cities

City Leadership concludes that Britains current level of centralisation is holding cities back, with consequences for the national economy as a whole ... and identifies greater financial autonomy as a top priority, especially for our biggest city-regions.

Report 21 Feb 2006