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Cities Devolution Bill
The new politics of cities

Alexandra Jones

City devolution is likely to remain on the agenda for the Conservatives. Labour's stance is less certain.

Blog Post 29 Jun 2015
Budget 2015 Briefing

Centre for Cities

This briefing looks at some of the key funding and policy commitments made by the Chancellor and their implications for UK city economies.

Briefing 20 Mar 2015
Election 2015
Budget 2015 Liveblog

Naomi Clayton

Liveblogging the Chancellor's Budget Statement and the implications for UK cities.

Blog Post 18 Mar 2015
Budget 2015 Letter

Centre for Cities

Our letter to the Chancellor suggests three ways to support those cities with the greatest capacity to drive economic growth in the short-term.

Briefing 12 Mar 2015
Centre for Cities’ Leaders Network


Centre for Cities is organising a series of private dinners providing city leaders and chief executives with the opportunity of a frank and open exchange of views on the leading issues they face with expert speakers.