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The 12 Urban Myths of Christmas
Myth #1: All high streets are struggling

Rebecca McDonald

It’s easy to think all high streets are in crisis. Headlines constantly broadcast the struggles of big brands and the blight of boarded-up shops, and now even John Lewis has issued a profit...

Blog Post 13 Dec 2018
Urban Voices: UK City Leaders’ Survey 2018

Rita Beden, Lahari Ramuni, Zach Wilcox and Siri Arntzen

The inaugural UK City Leaders’ Survey, developed jointly by Centre for Cities and Arup, asked the elected leaders of the UK’s largest urban areas about their ambitions and frustrations on...

Report 5 Dec 2018
Siri Arntzen

Consultant, City Economics at Arup

Siri is an Economist in Arup’s City Economics Team in London. She joined Arup in 2018 from the London School of Economics where she worked as a Research Assistant in the Geography and...

City Talks: how will Brexit affect cities?

A flurry of assessments of various Brexit deals has been released over the last week or so, each looking at the different impacts that leaving the EU will have on the economy. Only the...

Podcast 3 December 2018