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The implications of the Spending Review for cities

Kieran Larkin

The Spending Review gave us the detail on how the Government intends to reduce its £109 billion structural budget deficit. The impact of the cuts will certainly fall heavily on all cities.

Briefing 22 Oct 2010
Next steps a regeneration agenda for the next government

Centre for Cities

The next government will be forced to make tough choices about where and how to spend scarce public sector resources. With a general election imminent, now is the time to set out what the top priorities should be.

Report 24 Feb 2010
Regional Development Agencies: The facts

Kieran Larkin

The future of RDAs has become a topic of hot debate. But the views of those that have come out either in favour or against have sometimes bordered on the ideological rather than being based on the evidence. We think the ‘scrap versus keep' the RDAs debate is just too simplistic.

Briefing 8 Dec 2009
Pre-Budget Report 2009: Submission

Centre for Cities

The 2009 PBR needs to set out how the Government will set the conditions for growth and fiscal responsibility. Building on recent steps to devolve powers to cities, the Government must now put cities at the heart of plans to create the conditions for growth and jobs.

Briefing 26 Nov 2009
Budget 2009: Submission

Centre for Cities

The 2009 Budget should include a clear focus on devolutionary measures that support local economies - especially around our major cities.

Briefing 16 Oct 2009