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Business rates reform: Complexity ahoy?

Kieran Larkin

The Government has the opportunity to create a simple, strong, long-term financial incentive for growth. Eric Pickles has started out in the right direction, yet there still remains room for improvement.

Briefing 31 Jul 2011
What would Maggie do?

Kieran Larkin

This 2011 paper looked at why the Government’s policy on Enterprise Zones needed to be radically different to the failed 80s policy.

Report 28 Feb 2011
Cities Outlook 2011

Centre for Cities

Cities Outlook 2011 reveals the cities that are bouncing back strongest from the recession, and those that are likely to continue to struggle for some time.

Report 24 Jan 2011
Re-localising the business rate

Centre for Cities

It’s good to see national government putting tangible powers on the table with the potential to deliver on the rhetoric around localism.

Briefing 29 Oct 2010
FutureStory: Glasgow

Centre for Cities

FutureStory Glasgow forms part of a series of six books made up of a collection of local case studies, with accompanying DVDs, tracing how people and businesses in cities and regions across the country are adapting to the global economy.

Report 12 Apr 2010