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The state of our smart cities

Elli Thomas

Many UK cities are piloting the use of data and technology to deliver more efficient services, but these tests need to roll out into widespread practice.

Blog Post 19 May 2015
Cities Devolution Bill
Core City reactions to Osborne offer

Simon Jeffrey

How have attitudes to metro mayors shifted in response to the Chancellor's speech on city devolution yesterday?

Blog Post 15 May 2015
Cities Devolution Bill
Osborne declares rules of the game on city devolution

Andrew Carter

The Chancellor has put the ball firmly in the court of local politicians across UK cities. Those resistant to creating a metro mayor risk missing out on the benefits of further devolution.

Blog Post 14 May 2015
Election 2015
What do the manifestos say about transport?

Ilona Serwicka

All parties have shown that transport infrastructure needs to be fit to meet the demands of the economy, but part of this will be about local control.

Blog Post 1 May 2015
A Century of Cities
The return of the big city

Paul Swinney

Birmingham and Manchester have not created enough knowledge jobs to relieve their industrial hangover, but they are well on their way.

Blog Post 20 Apr 2015