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June Labour Market Update

Paul Swinney

There is a great deal of excitement about the fall in unemployment - 88,000 people in the three months to April – in the press on the back of June’s labour market statistics.

Briefing 16 Jun 2011
Hull: Growing the Real Economy

Centre for Cities

How can Hull city promote economic development across the real economy of its city-region? What should be Hull City Council's priorities to encourage the growth of higher-value business sectors and employment? How can workforce skills and aspirations be increased in Hull?

Report 22 May 2009
Accession to Recession: A8 migration in Bristol & Hull

Faiza Shaheen

The global downturn is leading us to a very different labour market dynamic. Previously hard to fill vacancies are becoming less hard to fill, and the increase in JSA claimants could lead to more direct interaction between A8 migrants and the newly unemployed. The economic impacts will, however, play out very differently in each city.

Report 16 Mar 2009