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Northern Futures Summit

6 November 2014

We're delighted to have worked with the Deputy Prime Minister's office to host a one day event showcasing bold ideas for how to create a more prosperous northern economy. See the agenda and watch the whole event online.

Party Conference Round-Up: Housing Talk Just Hot Air

Paul Swinney

The fringe guides at this year’s Labour and Conservative Party Conferences featured a striking number of discussions on housing – underlining its currency in the political hallways and amongst those who seek to influence them.

Blog Post 6 Oct 2014
City views: How does Hull see London?

The Centre for Cities commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey to better understand how people see London and its impact on the country as a whole as well as the city they live in. This summary...

Case study library 13 May 2014
January Labour Market Update

Maire Williams

The unemployment rate fell to 7.1 per cent in December: the largest quarterly fall seen since 1997. However, there is still a way to go before it returns to its pre-downturn peak. Unemployment...

Briefing 11 Feb 2014
Why do mid-sized cities matter?

Tom Bolton

Can you name the largest city in England? London, of course. The next largest? A little harder, but Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Bristol, and Nottingham slip fairly easily off the tongue...

Blog Post 21 Jun 2013
Mid-Sized Cities

This report looks at how closer collaboration of the 26 largest cities after the Core Cities might benefit the national economy.

Report 10 Jun 2013
We need growth and we need it now!

Andrew Carter

But where’s the growth going to come from? Who’s going to deliver it? And, critically, how much will it cost?

Blog Post 19 Mar 2013
Housing market renewal: where is it now?

Joe Sarling

Over the past 12 months, housing has become the zeitgeist for economic growth - and rightly so.Cities Outlook 2013 has shown that if we put the place back in to policy by understanding the...

Blog Post 30 Jan 2013