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Cities Outlook 1901

Naomi Clayton

A city’s economic past has a profound influence on its future. Current economic differences across the UK can be traced back not just decades but a century or more.

Report 11 Jul 2012
University Challenge: Growing the knowledge economy in Birmingham

Centre for Cities

Which knowledge-based industries could drive future growth in Birmingham? And what policy levers are available to support these industries in Birmingham and the city region? University Challenge recommends that the Birmingham MAA area should focus on growing the private sector economy, particularly in high value sectors, where there are opportunities to strengthen the contribution of the excellent local universities.

Report 17 Dec 2009
Innovation, science and the city

Centre for Cities

Innovation is a key driver of economic growth, but the emergence of innovation as a specialist policy area has also generated risks around policy prioritisation and problems on organisational fragmentation and policy coordination.

Report 9 Oct 2008
City Leadership: Giving city-regions the power to grow

Centre for Cities

City Leadership concludes that Britains current level of centralisation is holding cities back, with consequences for the national economy as a whole ... and identifies greater financial autonomy as a top priority, especially for our biggest city-regions.

Report 21 Feb 2006