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February labour market update

Paul Swinney and Naomi Clayton

People who previously didn't look for work are increasingly entering the labour market

Briefing 26 Feb 2013
City Deals – which sectors are most popular?

Paul Swinney

Using the press release on the annoucement of Wave 2 City Deals we've pulled the words used to describe the sectoral focus of each deal into a word cloud. As the graphic below shows, the words...

Blog Post 19 Feb 2013
The return of city centre living?

Paul Swinney

Paul Swinney looks at new Census population data, and what it tells us about city centre living across the UK.

Blog Post 23 Nov 2012
November Labour Market Update

Paul Swinney and Naomi Clayton

The latest labour market data shows an improved ratio of vacancies per claimant - but which cities have the most jobs per jobseeker?

Briefing 16 Nov 2012
October Labour Market Update

Paul Swinney

The October labour market update takes a closer look at the increase of part-time employment.

Briefing 17 Oct 2012