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August Labour Market Update

Paul Swinney

Unemployment rates remained unchanged - what does this mean for Mark Carney's 7 per cent unemployment target?

Briefing 14 Aug 2013
Cities and Carney’s unemployment target

Paul Swinney

The Bank of England’s new governor, Mark Carney, yesterday committed to leave interest rates unchanged until UK unemployment falls below 7 per cent.

Blog Post 8 Aug 2013
April Labour Market Update

Paul Swinney

After many months of good news, unemployment rises again as more people enter the labour market.

Briefing 17 Apr 2013
March Labour Market Update

Paul Swinney and Naomi Clayton

This month marks five years since the claimant count rate began to rise

Briefing 20 Mar 2013
(Not) spending pennies on the High Street

Paul Swinney

Seven per cent – that’s how much of the £10 million High Street Innovation Fund, set up last year to bring empty shops back into use, has been spent to date.

Blog Post 15 Mar 2013