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February labour market update

Paul Swinney and Naomi Clayton

People who previously didn't look for work are increasingly entering the labour market

Briefing 26 Feb 2013
Cities and youth unemployment

Naomi Clayton

Data shows that the youth claimant rate remains high in many cities and young people continue to be stuck on benefits.

Blog Post 13 Dec 2012
Part-time nation

Naomi Clayton

New labour market statistics bring welcome news for the Government.

Blog Post 12 Dec 2012
November Labour Market Update

Paul Swinney and Naomi Clayton

The latest labour market data shows an improved ratio of vacancies per claimant - but which cities have the most jobs per jobseeker?

Briefing 16 Nov 2012
Access all areas: Linking people to jobs

Naomi Clayton

Transport has a key role to play in helping overcome spatial mismatches between the places where lower skilled people live and where the jobs they seek are located.

Report 14 Sep 2012
Cities Outlook 1901

Naomi Clayton

A city’s economic past has a profound influence on its future. Current economic differences across the UK can be traced back not just decades but a century or more.

Report 11 Jul 2012