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URBAN VOTE 2010: The new urban political landscape

Claire Maugham

The economy is the most important issue for urban voters, and support for the political parties is closely linked to how well they have addressed local concerns over economic issues.

Briefing 27 May 2010
Urban Vote: who is winning the battle for the cities?

Claire Maugham

Our analysis of longer term voting intentions in a selection of cities shows that between the 2005 general election and the beginning of the 2010 election campaign, Labour lost ground in many cities and the Conservatives made significant in-roads in cities such as Birmingham.

Report 25 Apr 2010
The Party Manifestos: What’s in it for the cities?

Centre for Cities

The manifestos are out but what do they mean for our cities? One thing is clear; the battle to win over the UK's cities is not yet decided. What might the vote look like across our cities?

Briefing 18 Apr 2010
FutureStory: Glasgow

Centre for Cities

FutureStory Glasgow forms part of a series of six books made up of a collection of local case studies, with accompanying DVDs, tracing how people and businesses in cities and regions across the country are adapting to the global economy.

Report 12 Apr 2010
Cities Manifesto

Centre for Cities

Our Cities Manifesto sets out our key policy recommendations for the next Government. We want to know what you think – and what your alternative ideas might be.

Briefing 5 Apr 2010
Public sector relocations

Kieran Larkin

Public sector relocations can have a positive impact. But relocations have high upfront costs. The savings generated by relocations would probably not start accruing until the Parliament after next.

Briefing 25 Mar 2010
Charting the course: Growing South Hampshire’s economy

How have the recession and worsening fiscal climate impacted on the growth potential of current and potential key sectors based in South Hampshire? What specific actions can PUSH take to promote GVA growth and increased productivity and employments?

Report 16 Mar 2010