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Budget 2013 Submission

Alexandra Jones

Our 2013 Budget letter asks the Chancellor to focus on housing and infrastructure to promote growth

Briefing 27 Feb 2013
February labour market update

Paul Swinney and Naomi Clayton

People who previously didn't look for work are increasingly entering the labour market

Briefing 26 Feb 2013
Wave 1 City Deal insights

Tom Bolton

With confirmation that 2013 will see a further 20 City Deals, it is a good time to reflect on what has been learned so far.  There are currently eight City Deals with the cities belonging to the...

Blog Post 20 Feb 2013
It’s a Deal

Alexandra Jones

Last night Nick Clegg announced that another 20 cities will be given additional economic powers as part of the City Deals programme. As this press release sets out, each city has its own...

Blog Post 19 Feb 2013
City Deals – which sectors are most popular?

Paul Swinney

Using the press release on the annoucement of Wave 2 City Deals we've pulled the words used to describe the sectoral focus of each deal into a word cloud. As the graphic below shows, the words...

Blog Post 19 Feb 2013
City Deals Insights

We have interviewed the Core Cities to find out about their experiences of the City Deals

Report 18 Feb 2013
City Deals ‘Core Package’

Centre for Cities

This discussion piece aims to stimulate debate about how a City Deals Core Package can most effectively enable economic growth

Report 18 Feb 2013
Net effects: how fast is your city’s broadband?

Dmitry Sivaev

In a super connected world access to fast broadband is not a luxury any more; in many cases it is a matter of business survival. So how do British cities vary on their provision of this essential...

Blog Post 8 Feb 2013
Green progress from economic recession

Zach Wilcox

Arguably, the greatest progress in reducing UK carbon emissions has been the recession and its impact on industry. Between 2005 and 2010, total CO2 emissions in the UK fell 10 percent, with the...

Blog Post 6 Feb 2013
Lessons for Luton: aim for resilience, not only growth

Dmitry Sivaev

This year’s Cities Outlook revealed that while the UK economy has experienced a downturn of two halves – rapid decline from 2008-09 followed by a three year period of minimal growth – the...

Blog Post 1 Feb 2013