“As the pace of technological change rapidly accelerates, Cities Outlook 2018 couldn’t be more relevant. The future of work in UK Cities is a subject that will dominate local and national level policy making and is of huge importance in Wakefield and the Key Cities. This report is essential reading for city leaders on what the impact of these changes could mean, as well as for understanding the opportunities and challenges that cities will face going ahead.

“This year the Centre for Cities has done an outstanding job in highlighting how at the policy level cities can continue to attract job growth so to ensure that they remain at the heart of a strong national economy.”
Cllr Peter Box, Leader, Wakefield Council

“Ways of working in our cities have been changing dramatically. For example: co-working spaces are no longer the reserve of Shoreditch startups but have sprung up in every city from London to Belfast; flexible working is becoming the rule rather than the exception; and young industries like the tech sector are growing at twice the rate of the wider economy.

“We need to prepare for this change. Reskilling and upskilling must become the norm, and it’s essential that we equip young people to face the future of work. As this report highlights, the opportunity is a big one; the UK’s digital economy is worth $100bn. Resources like the Digital Business Academy already provide free digital skills training solutions. Now we just need the ambition. We’ve built Tech City. Now let’s build Tech Nation.”
Gerard Grech, Chief Executive Officer, Tech City UK

“Cities Outlook 2018 gives insight into the future of the UK workforce, to understand the potential opportunities and risk from the rise of robotics, artificial intelligence and the other methods of job automation. Bristol and other cities across the UK can use the advances in technology and globalisation to help raise their productivity, improve job quality, diversify employment and drive inclusive economic growth.

“This year’s Outlook will be a vital tool for those policy makers who recognise that the key to facing the national economic challenges ahead is to build upon the strength and potential of our cities.”
Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol