4: School improvement Liverpool – creating a common framework to improve education

School Improvement Liverpool was established in 2014 to offer support to nurseries and schools to ensure children and young people have the opportunity to develop, learn and excel in life. Its services and its structure resemble the Boston Compact.
School Improvement Liverpool offers a range of support services such as training, consultancy, qualifications and in-school support. The main partners include Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Learning Partnership and the Liverpool School Business Managers Association. Through coordination and sharing of best practice, it offers services for the early years, primary and secondary schools. For example, School Improvement Liverpool provides support and training for the Philosophy for Children project, which aims to help children become more willing and able to question, reason, construct arguments and collaborate with others. The project, which already runs in 25 schools in Liverpool, is highlighted as one of the most promising by the Education Endowment Foundation.
To date, School Improvement Liverpool has worked with over 900 schools and businesses offering services to over 170,000 children and young people and supporting over 18,000 professionals.