3: The Boston Compact – using local leadership to make provision of skills more efficient

In 2011, the Boston mayor, Boston School Committee Chair, the Boston Public Schools attendant and leaders from the Boston Alliance of Charters Schools signed a formal ‘Compact’ to improve the quality of education in
the city.

Under the leadership of the mayor, the Compact set out cross-sectoral professional strategies, a common accountability system with a common framework, and better use of city facilities. Through better coordination, learning and sharing of best practice, the Compact has introduced a Boston Schools Hub website to highlight options available for families in the city. It is also focusing on practice related to effective teaching and learning, especially for individuals with special needs and English learners.

The Compact has expanded over the years and now covers more than 93 per cent of all students in the city. In the English Language Learner Initiative, participants reported benefiting from practical strategies and professional development, and changes in classrooms which included increased linguistic focus and student’s interactions.