1: Islington council - using data to identify the needs of children

To identify children in need of additional support in the early years, the London Borough of Islington established an Early Years and Disability Funding Panel.

The panel helps to build capacity by using data from education, health and social care services to identify children who have special needs. This, in turn, improves the timeliness and quality of support. The council holds meetings every term with education providers, social care services and other stakeholders and, prior to the meeting, organises the data from different organisations in a single data sheet for discussion. This enables the council to track individual children and families over time.

With the new system, early years providers have been able to build profiles on the children they are working with. This has led to increased utilisation of data across providers, which in turn has improved decision-making, integrated working, and enabled collaboration and coordination of staff working in different professional disciplines, with consequent benefits
for children.