York: Prioritising Prosperity

York must play to its strengths in science and technology and focus efforts on developing the York Northwest site, so it is best placed to recover from recession.

Report published on 10 March 2009 by Kieran Larkin

York wants to develop as a ‘Thriving City’, taking advantage of the policy opportunities that exist in the Sub-National Review.

This report sets out policy analysis and recommendations in response to four principal questions:

  • How can York deliver the infrastructure needed to achieve its vision of growth?
  • What can York do to improve the performance of its core future economic drivers, particularly its science and technology cluster?
  • How can York tackle small remaining pockets of worklessness?
  • How can the Council ensure the wider Leeds city-region benefits the York economy?

Key recommendations

  • Sustainable growth: The Council must embrace the need for managed change in the city and deliver the infrastructure needed to support sustainable economic growth. In particular, this will mean redoubling efforts to deliver the York Northwest development opportunity.
  • Science & technology: Partners including the Council, the University of York, Science City York and Yorkshire Forward need to increase their focus on building up the city’s science and technology cluster. This sector represents York’s best chance of carving out a niche for itself in the modern economy. City partners should work together to define York’s areas of leading expertise, attract investment and build its international brand.