Worklessness: A city approach

The Government will struggle to meet its aim of an 80% national employment rate - unless it grants cities greater freedom to get the workless into jobs, according to a new report from the Centre for Cities and the Centre for Economic & Social Inclusion.

Report published on 24 June 2008 by Centre for Cities

Worklessness – all those without a job either actively or not actively seeking work – is one of the biggest challenges facing our cities. Having a lower proportion of the working age population available and appropriately skilled for work can frustrate employer demand, impact the local economy, and divert funds away from other city initiatives. These economic impacts, as well as the implications for social exclusion and equality, make reducing worklessness one of the top priorities for both national and local government.

The Centre for Cities commissioned the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion to explore the prevalence of worklessness in cities, critically review previous and current initiatives and approaches, and to consider how best to move forward and empower cities to tackle the issue.

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