What can elected mayors do for our cities?

Andrew Carter has contributed a chapter on cities, mayors & economic growth to a new essay collection from the Institute for Government.

Report published on 29 March 2012 by Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter has contributed a chapter on elected mayors and economic growth to this Institute for Government book of essays.

Each city faces a different set of economic challenges and should be allowed to take a tailored approach based on their own unique circumstances.  Mayors are no panacea, especially given the scale of the challenge some cities face, but they are well placed to take the tough and timely decisions needed to drive growth.

The chapter outlines four challenges that elected mayors have the potential to address:

1. Take strategic decisions

2. Represent their city and its population

3. Coordinate the public sector

4. Encourage city region collaboration

Other authors include Tony Travers, Bruce Katz, Ed Cox and Andrew Adonis.