Sunderland: The Challenges of the Future

This report was prepared for Sunderland, as part of the Centre for Cities research programme ‘Unlocking City Potential and Sustaining City Growth'.

Report published on 28 January 2009 by Centre for Cities

Sunderland is a partner city in the Centre for Cities research programme ‘Unlocking City Potential and Sustaining City Growth’. The programme works closely with a small group of cities to inform economic development strategies and improve economic performance. This report sets out policy analysis and recommendations in response to two principal questions

  • How can Sunderland build on a decade of achievement to attain long-term sustainable growth?
  • What should be the main priorities in formulating an appropriate economic development strategy?

Key Recommendations

  • The phased regeneration of the city centre must be pursued for Sunderland’s economy to return to its recent growth trajectory.
  • The Working Neighbourhoods Strategy should be pursued along with the introduction of an integrated bus network to bind Sunderland into the wider city region economy.
  • Policy and financial resources should be invested to create the infrastructure for a local enterprise and innovation network.