Making It: The advanced manufacturing economy in Sheffield and Rotherham

Recommendations for boosting growth based on the innovation districts concept formulated by Bruce Katz.

Report published on 27 May 2015 by Louise McGough


Supported by the Sheffield International Economic Commission, this report provides recommendations for boosting innovation and growth in the advanced manufacturing ecosystem in the Sheffield-Rotherham area of South Yorkshire. It builds on the concept of Innovation Districts explored in The Rise of Innovation Districts by Bruce Katz and Julie Wagner, and is based on observations made during a visit to the Sheffield-Rotherham area in January by Bruce Katz, Director of the Metropolitan Programme at the US Brookings Institution, and Kelly Kline, Economic Development Director of the City of Fremont in California.

The report identifies three key principles that should help guide an Innovation District strategy in the area:

  1. Support existing businesses as well as attract new businesses.
  2. Strengthen linkages in the ‘innovation ecosystem’ and don’t be limited by boundaries.
  3. Set priorities and determine which interventions will achieve the best impacts.

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Making it - the advanced manufacturing economy in Sheffield and Rotherham PDF (12 MB)

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