London’s growth deal: focusing on the centre

This briefing, produced for Central London Forward, looks at how a growth deal focusing on the centre of London, would be beneficial to the city as a whole.

Briefing published on 26 March 2014 by Centre for Cities

For some time now London has been the elephant in the room in the recent devolution debate. Since the late 1990s the capital has become used to leading the way on self-governance, boasting an elected mayor, a city assembly, and an integrated transport authority. As London’s arrangements have bedded in, its government at all levels is increasingly keen to progress to the next phase of devolution.

In 2013 the Government issued an explicit invitation for London to submit a Growth Deal proposal, setting a formal process in train. English City Deals are in the process of creating an evolving set of bespoke agreements, devolving limited powers and resources to local authorities and to Local Enterprise Partnerships. The agreements reached with the largest English cities outside London in particular have set a precedent for future devolution in the capital. However, London needs the opportunity to make bespoke proposals for the next phase of devolution.

This briefing paper argues that London’s Deal should focus on the centre of the city, where most of the city’s economic activity takes place.


Supported by Central London Forward to and produced to provide evidence for the case for a Central London Growth Deal – Powering growth: the case for change