Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor – Three Policy Priorities for 2021

This briefing sets out three policy priorities for the new metro mayor after the election to address the biggest issues facing Liverpool City Region's economy.

Briefing published on 14 April 2021 by Anthony Breach

Liverpool City Region entered the Covid-19 pandemic with high levels of unemployment, and the number of people claiming unemployment-related benefits has increased by a further 34,000 since March 2020. While we expect the bounce back from Covid-19 to be swift, the city region’s challenges pre-pandemic will continue to be an issue post-pandemic. And so the priorities set out in this briefing focus on tackling these challenges.

Policy priority 1: Raise employment rate and participation in the labour market up to the national average

  • Establish a ‘skills compact’ for adult education, and undertake an audit to trace how much money is spent on adult education in the area.
  • Support people that are economically inactive to be work-ready
  • Launch a Working Well programme

Policy priority 2: Ensure young people are ready to enter the labour market

  • Support more young people to take up and complete apprenticeships
  • Challenge schools that are underperforming and improve investment in education
  • Champion take-up of extracurricular activities

Policy priority 3: Make it easier for people to move around the city region and get to the city centre

  • Introduce a congestion charge in Liverpool city centre
  • Press ahead with progress on bus franchising
  • Re-introduce bus lanes on key strategic roads

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