Linked In: Realising Croydon’s potential now

Strategies to grow and retain Croydon’s office based jobs need to build on its dual role in the London and South East economies and an understanding of the growth potential of the town.

Report published on 7 March 2011 by Lena Tochtermann

Croydon is part of the Centre for Cities’ Partner City research programme. The programme works closely with a small group of cities to inform economic development strategies and improve economic performance.This report examines what Croydon can do to build on its role as a centre for public and private sector office jobs.

The research focuses on three main questions:

• What is Croydon’s role within the London and South East economy?

• How is Croydon performing economically and how competitive are its public and private sectors?

• What do employers think about Croydon and what can the Council do to retain them and attract new investment into the town?

Key Recommendations

There are three main priorities for Croydon Council:

• Working with partners such as Develop Croydon, UKTI and ThinkLondon to develop a clear identity for the borough based on its dual role within London and the South East and its key strengths, and to market it accordingly;

• Strengthening Croydon’s private sector economy by reducing barriers to growth in Croydon’s two main employment centres: the town centre and, in particular, along the Purley Way; and

• Pursuing a number of short term and low cost improvements with regards to the public realm; crime and perceptions of crime; and Croydon’s office stock. This is to make Croydon a more attractive place to do business and live, as well as to pave the way for the Council’s longer term plans for Croydon.