Fast Growth Cities

What role do Cambridge, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Swindon and Norwich play in the UK economy?

Report published on 8 March 2016 by Maire Williams

The Fast Growth Cities group, comprised of Cambridge, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Swindon and Norwich, contains some of the UK’s most successful cities. These cities perform strongly on a range of economic indicators, including productivity and share of knowledge-based jobs. Their ability to attract these knowledge-based businesses puts them in a strong position to continue to grow in the future.

This report looks at the economic contribution of the Fast Growth Cities to the UK, highlighting their shared and distinctive economic characteristics that make supporting these cities important. It also examines the key barriers to growth the cities are increasingly facing, and that need to be overcome to allow these cities to continue to contribute to the UK economy at the rate they have been.

The map below provides some key stats on the cities.

Economies of the fast Growth Cities



Fast-Growth-Cities PDF (3 MB)

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