Evolving London: The future shape of the capital

Which boroughs and areas are likely to see the greatest change over the next 10 years? What can other cities learn from London?

Report published on 6 March 2012 by Tom Bolton

London is evolving rapidly and the next 10 years will see the city experience major physical and socioeconomic change and this research – produced in association with GVA – considers the combined implications of the main factors influencing this change.

The area of greatest change is likely to be south of the river where the momentum of development seen over the last 10-15 years in Islington and Camden is just begining to take hold in inner Southwark/ Bankside/ Bermondsey in particular and Nine Elms/ Battersea further west in Wandsworth.

Overall, London’s economic centre is growing along major transport corridors, and this is where greatest potential exists.  Boroughs affected need to be proactive in facilitating and engaging with investors and the development industry to maximise this economic and regeneration potential. If this can be achieved, London, and these ‘places to watch’, will be very different in 10 years’ time.