Devolution or disappointment

In the 2013 Spending Review the scale of the cuts are expected to be announced, but we also find out the details of the Single Local Growth Fund that was announced in the Budget.

Briefing published on 25 June 2013 by Centre for Cities

Lord Heseltine has been going round the country to get people excited about the potential of the Single Local Growth Fund, recommended in No Stone Unturned, to change the way local government manages its local services and local economy. But will it live up to the hype? This paper gives some background on the Fund and then sets out how Centre for Cities would like to see the Government respond to the challenge of pooling multiple different funding sources in one place for local areas to decide how to spend.

See also our note from March 2013 on the top priorities for government in taking forward the Heseltine recommendations: Turning over all the stones