Delivering change: low carbon

How cities go low carbon while supporting economic growth

Practical policy solutions for city leaders to encourage the green economy

Report published on 17 December 2013 by Edward Clarke, Zach Wilcox and Nada Nohrová


Almost every UK city’s economic development strategy recognises and prioritises low carbon growth in their long-term visions. These visions are often accompanied by grand narratives calling for a paradigm shift towards a green economy. However, many cities struggle with how to translate these visions and strategies into practical projects.

This report provides pragmatic and proven examples of how cities in the UK and across the globe are tackling the environmental and economic challenges they face.

It identifies the tools cities have at their disposal – business support, regulation, incentives, procurement and finance – and provides ideas for how to use them to encourage low carbon practices.

Throughout, the stress is on the need to select policy solutions that are locally tailored and make good economic as well as environmental sense.



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