Cities Outlook 2015

Our annual health check of the largest cities and towns asks: how has policy impacted on UK city performance over the last 10 years?

Report published on 19 January 2015 by Centre for Cities

The recent announcement of the devolution of some powers from Whitehall to Greater Manchester is the outcome of a decade-long discussion about the role of cities in the national economy. This year’s Cities Outlook reflects on the performance of city economies over the last 10 years based on four main indicators , population, businesses and housing affordability, the approach of policy over this period (both under Labour and the Coalition) and its implications for further devolution.

Now in its eight year, Cities Outlook provides the authoritative economic index of the 64 largest cities and towns in the UK. To explore the data behind the report, visit our data tool (beta).

15-01-16-CO-front-page-graphic       15-01-16-CO- back-page-graphic


You can find the full tables for all 64 cites each of the four 10-year indicators:
Population change, 2004-2013 ♦ Job growth, 2004-2013 ♦ Housing stock change, 2004-2014 ♦ Business growth, 2004-2013

Read Paul Swinney’s blog introducing the report here. Paul also looks at the five cities contributing the most to the UK’s economy in the Guardian, and the population boom in cities in the South of England in CityMetric. On Conservative Home, Andrew Carter looks at what this year’s report means for the upcoming election in May.

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