Breaking boundaries: empowering city growth through cross-border collaboration

How a new form of devolution could support economic growth

Report published on 27 March 2014 by Zach Wilcox, Nada Nohrová and Maire Williams

For a city economy to be successful it needs an efficient transport system, quality housing and the people with the skills to work there. Yet, a city economy rarely stops at the end of a local authority boundary. Many people live and use public services within one local authority, but work in another.

This report, part of the City Money programme of work and supported by Capita, discusses the ways in which different local authorities can better work together – from formal collaborations such as combined authorities, to less formal ways of working. It encourages government to offer incentives in the form of tailored devolution for those councils which do take on formal collaborations so that places can improve services, support economic growth and save money in a way that suits them best.

Watch the short summary animation:

See highlights from an interview with Sir Merrick Cockell about the report, or listen to the full audio below.


Breaking boundaries was supported by Capita