To win in 2020, Labour must prove it can deliver for urban Britain

Ben Harrison writes in the Staggers about the lessons for Labour from the local elections.

Press release published on 13 May 2016 by Ben Harrison

One week on from the local elections, and only now is the dust beginning to settle. For the Labour Party, the aftermath of the polls has been as keenly fought over as the campaign itself, as factions have sought to establish why the results support their view on the future direction of the party – either as a first step on the road back to power in 2020, or evidence that Labour is drifting towards a further decade in the wilderness.

But there is one area in which there is consensus amongst Labour politicians, members and supporters – the party did well within its urban heartlands, and the election of Labour mayors in London, Bristol and Liverpool represented some of the best results for the party for many years.

Read the rest of the article on the New Statesman.

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