Why Nissan has been so good for Sunderland – and why we can’t rely on it forever

Paul Swinney writes in the Sunderland Echo about the impact of Nissan on the area.

Press release published on 9 September 2016 by Paul Swinney

The Nissan car plant has had a huge impact on the economy of Sunderland and the wider region over the past 30 years.

But while it is right to celebrate the role it has played in the city in the past three decades, Sunderland’s growing reliance on the plant should also be a cause for caution.

No-one would dispute the effect Nissan has had in creating jobs and putting money in the pockets of Wearsiders. The plant itself employs nearly 7,000 people directly, while a further 4,000 people are employed in automotive jobs elsewhere in the city that most likely wouldn’t exist without Nissan.

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