Tough decisions needed to protect commercial heart of cities

Writing for the MJ, Andrew Carter argues that leaders of successful cities will need to take tough decisions on how to sustain and expand the growth of their commercial centres, while also providing the homes and amenities their residents want and need

Press release published on 11 April 2018 by Andrew Carter

Thirty years ago, the centres of big cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool were run down, dilapidated places, where few businesses wanted to locate and create jobs, and even fewer people wanted to live.

However, as recent Centre for Cities research shows, this picture has changed dramatically over the past few decades. The central areas of these cities are now vibrant and dynamic places to live in and are increasingly the preferred locations for businesses in highly productive, highly skilled industries.

But the reality is that as cities become more successful – and more important to the national economy – difficult decisions about how to manage that success cannot be avoided. Getting those calls rights will be crucial for the future prosperity of urban areas and their residents.

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