Statement on the Second Reading of the Cities and Local Government Bill

Centre for Cities Chief Executive Alexandra Jones gives her reaction to the Second Reading of the Cities Bill.

Press release published on 14 October 2015

Commenting on the second reading of the Cities and Local Government Bill, Alexandra Jones, Chief Executive of the think tank Centre for Cities said:

“If this Bill fails to pass, it will be a major set-back to cities and regions across the UK and to the prospects of long-term growth in the national economy, and won’t prevent further spending cuts.

“No Bill is perfect, but this offers a historic opportunity to reverse decades of centralisation in the UK by making it possible for cities and regions to have more power over decisions about local housing, transport and investment.

“Local leaders across the country – Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat – have been working tirelessly with the Government over the past year to agree devolution deals that will support local economic growth, but all those efforts will come to nothing unless the Bill is passed.

“MPs who oppose the Bill should be clear that this is not a debate about the Government’s spending plans or about how the Bill is enacted. Voting against the Bill will not prevent further spending cuts, but it will deny cities and regions across the UK the chance to boost jobs growth and benefit from more localised decision-making.”


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