What role should commercial property play in local industrial strategies?

Local leaders will need to take tough decisions to sustain business growth by providing appropriate commercial space in central areas, while also addressing the housing needs of residents by building homes in other parts of the city

Press release published on 6 June 2018 by Andrew Carter

Property development typically follows demand, rather than the other way round – and this should be a key consideration for local leaders across the country as they ponder the role of commercial space in their upcoming industrial strategies.

This programme will see areas across the country come up with tailored plans to raise local productivity levels as part of the government’s wider national industrial strategy aimed at driving up national productivity.

And while the government has avoided being prescriptive about the content of local industrial strategies, it has stipulated that they should identify “priorities to improve skills, increase innovation and enhance infrastructure and business growth”.

With those objectives in mind, it is clear the quality and availability of local commercial space will be an important consideration for those designing local industrial strategies.

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