Mayoral offices must show that Labour is a credible government in waiting

Ben Harrison writes in Times Red Box about the new Labour Mayoral candidates.

Press release published on 12 August 2016 by Ben Harrison

For the government, there is little to lose on this agenda politically. If the metro-mayors are a success, the government can claim credit for having introduced them. If they fail to make an impact, the pressure will likely be on the mayors themselves to defend their record.

But for Labour, there is much at stake. Making a success of the mayoral roles will be crucial in proving the party is a credible government in waiting. It could also be vital in winning back disillusioned voters in its traditional heartlands who voted for Brexit, and who are now Ukip’s prime target for the next general election. To have a chance of taking power in Whitehall, Labour must first show it can deliver for City Halls up and down the country.

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