May has set out her devolution stall – local leaders must ensure deals go ahead

Alexandra Jones writes in the LGC about the need for local leader to grasp the opportunities on offer for more powers.

Press release published on 13 October 2016 by Alexandra Jones

Recent news stories had suggested Ms May was unenthusiastic about the mayoral agenda championed by the previous administration and that she was prepared to abandon the stipulation that devolution deals include a metro-mayor, both for future agreements and those already on the table.

However, in her keynote speech at the conference, Ms May clarified her position. First, her promise to help the UK’s great regional cities realise their economic potential implicitly underlined the government’s commitment to continuing the devolution agenda. Second, in paying tribute to Andy Street, the Conservative candidate for West Midlands metro-mayor, Ms May also confirmed her dedication to ensuring the first mayoral elections take place next year as planned.

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